the Web & Social Networking–facebook et al

The word ‘facebook’ is intriguing–and amenable to punning. You come face to face with your friends, and yet leave yourself wide open to being ‘de-faced’ in the most humiliating way.  The mantra is to be out there, naked and exposed, if you want something badly enough: information, contacts, publicity, fame (or infamy?), perhaps fortune. It’s all for the taking, if you’re willing to be taken first!

My post of Feb 16 went on about the mobile. The mobile is a device, the Web is an idea. Many are obsessed with both, treating them as tools as well as ends in themselves. The mobile–in tandem with the Web–has become a roaming accessory, an accoutrement, even a fetish. And a fashion statement for snobs if it’s expensive and comes with all the bells and whistles to impress the ignorant.


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