Obama Overexposed?

Excuse me? The man has been ‘out’ there for so long that one can hardly expect him to stay put ‘in’ there (White House) and tend to the business of the nation. I mean, he’s a hugely popular figure who won the popular vote. Why shouldn’t he go out there and stump for his policies, drawing on the innate strength of the people who elected him? Being popular also means being a bit show-bizzy–the man is alive, and wants to keep his nation alive. How else will he reflect the interests and spirit of his people?

Obama gets lambasted for being too public. Here in India the PM, Manmohan Singh gets brickbats for being too private, ensconced in his cocoon, and only occasionally giving tired, monotonic speeches that put people to sleep–no fire, no passion, no energy: this gets translated into no concern for his policies or his people.


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