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March 6, 2008

Well, now that Hillary has stalled Obama’s momentum (with her wins in Ohio and Texas), the Democratic nomination is still up for grabs.

Talk has naturally turned to the Dream ticket. My own preference would be Obama-Clinton since Hillary is getting on, and may not have the energy to pursue her presidential ambitions next time around. Of course, as VP, she could become president if anything happens to Obama, though this is unlikely. As for Obama, he’s a young man and probably wouldn’t play second fiddle, should Hillary win the race — especially as he would still have the energy to pursue the presidency for the next few election cycles. Ascending to this office through the VP route is not his style. Being a VP would kill whatever stature he now has.

And of course we’re assuming that either would win in November — the G.O.P. is known to play dirty.


Hillary the Man?–Obama the Woman?

March 3, 2008

Now that Obama has become the clear front runner in the race to be the Democratic nominee in the Nov’08 U.S. elections, the tables have been turned on Hillary, who was supposed to be the shoo-in for the nomination. In a strange irony, Hillary played all her MALE cards, trying to appear like a male Commander-in-Chief, whereas Obama projects himself as a softer, conciliatory, consensual version of a typical male candidate, as though to emulate the FEMININE side of all males. That leaves Hillary high and dry — she simply missed the most obvious thing about herself: be comfortable in your own, natural, feminine skin to win over the electorate. Obama merely gave expression to his feminine side, but ended up occupying the space that could’ve been Hillary’s. What a shame — she fell into the Iron Lady trap, hardly realizing that that may be her downfall. Of course, other forces are also at work in this unprecedented campaign that has passed the baton to Obama — the seemingly favored and anointed son of a ‘new’ America.    

Well, the race is almost over, unless Hillary produces a miracle tomorrow. In hindsight, we’ll all be forced to say that it was just her bad luck to be running against a much younger, and inspiring black (or half-black?) male candidate whose time has come. You must be liked, you must connect, you must have charisma…it just isn’t her time. Swimming against the tide of the time is futile.